From Concept to Vision:

Nexomos Journey on Elevating Bad Egg to Market Sensation

Bad Egg – Born Local Going Global

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Nexomos, renowned for its expert Consulting, Branding, Development & Marketing services, embarked on an ambitious project with Bad Egg, a budding restaurant brand specializing in Korean eggdrop sandwiches, burgers, specialty coffee, Ramen, and Rice Bowls.


The goal was to transform Bad Egg from a promising concept into a successful, globally recognized restaurant chain.


The novel concept of the Korean Eggdrop sandwich brought both chances and problems to Bad Egg. While the idea’s originality had the ability to capture consumers, it required expert advice in a variety of areas to properly realise its market potential. Nexomos recognised critical problems in branding, digital presence, and market introduction, emphasising the importance of a comprehensive and targeted approach to successfully introducing Bad Egg to the market.

Bad Egg Journey with Nexomos

Consulting and Strategy Development

Initial Consulting:

Nexomos provided strategic advice to Bad Egg, outlining the roadmap for launching this unique culinary venture.

Story and Requirements Gathering:

We focused on understanding Bad Egg’s vision and requirements, setting the stage for a tailored service approach.

Branding and Design


Embarking on a transformative journey, we partnered with Bad Egg to evolve a mere idea into a tangible and compelling brand. Lets delves into the conceptualization and brand consulting process, highlighting the strategic steps taken to establish a distinctive identity.

Branding Strategy:

At the core of our approach was the development of a comprehensive branding strategy. The logo, a symbolic emblem of an egg, embodies the essence of Bad Egg. With a vibrant palette of yellow and white, the logo not only captures the brand’s identity but also reflects its appetizing personality. This emblematic design, featuring the bold typography of “BAD EGG,” became the visual cornerstone of the brand. Working with Design and branding experts both internal and external, Nexomos was able to shape up the brand guidelines, brand identity and other core creative design elements together.

Crafting a Slogan:

Explore the creative process as we reveal the origins and evolution of the quick slogan “Eggcited to Meat You” which was methodically designed to serve as an identifying brand statement, example of strategic thinking, verbal elegance, and branding ability in creating a tagline that not only grabs attention but also reflects the motive of the brand it represents.

Store Design:

Explore both the visual and branding aspects of Bad EGG Restaurant’s unique identity, as thoughtfully developed by Nexomos’ skilled branding methods. Explore the fascinating variables of the restaurant’s interior and exterior design, where every detail is adding to the larger canvas of the Bad EGG brand. The unique fit of design as well as utility, demonstrating how Nexomos transformed physical space that tells everything about the adventure of Bad EGG.

Visual Identity:

The color scheme of yellow and white extends beyond the logo, permeating the entire visual identity of Bad Egg. This intentional choice communicates a sense of freshness, warmth, and, most importantly, the sunny side of culinary delight.

Physical Restaurant Development

Architectural Collaboration:

Nexomos collaborated with architects to assist in the construction of the physical restaurant space.

Team Formation and Training:

We aided in team hiring and the development of training manuals, ensuring a competent and well-prepared staff.

Digital Development

Website and Online Ordering System:

Nexomos developed an eye-catching website with an efficient online ordering system, enhancing customer experience.

Point of Sale Solutions:

Implementing advanced POS solutions to streamline operations.

Launch Support:

Assisting in the grand opening on 15th January 2023, ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

Website Development

Design Aesthetics:

User Interface:

Ordering System Features:

Digital Product Creation

Creating a strong digital presence for Bad Egg required careful consideration of website design, user interface, and the use of digital tools such as the BISTROSYNC POS system. The use of brand-centric colors and the careful display of the menu add to a unified online experience that is consistent with Bad Egg’s distinct identity. Successful digital integration not only improves consumer interaction but also optimizes internal business procedures, setting Bad Egg for success in the digital marketplace.

Social Media Management:

Handling both organic and paid social media marketing, leading to over 10k followers in less than a year.

SEO Optimization:

Enhancing online visibility through strategic SEO practices.

Launch Strategy:

Our dynamic launch strategy combines traditional and digital channels for a widespread impact. Pre-launch teasers on social media, press releases, and influencer partnerships will generate anticipation. A virtual launch event, exclusive pre-order offers, and email marketing will drive early adoption. Retail partnerships ensure broad availability.

Social Media Campaigns:

Our social media strategy focuses on engagement. Teasers and countdowns build anticipation. A User-Generated Content (UGC) contest and behind-the-scenes content involve the audience. Live Q&A sessions, and paid ad campaigns ensure interaction and targeted visibility. Post-launch, ongoing engagement campaigns maintain interest and community connections.

Growth and Expansion

Since its launch, Bad Egg has seen remarkable growth under Nexomos’s guidance:

Local to Global Vision:

Following the vision of ‘born local going global,’ Bad Egg has expanded to two locations in Ireland and launched in Pakistan.

International Franchising:

Recent deals with master franchisors in Canada, Spain, and Portugal, and ongoing expansion prospects in the Middle East, UK and the US.

Results and Impact

Launch Success

Nexomos’ tactical decisions resulted in an outstanding success for Bad Egg’s market launch. The effort saw a significant increase in followers and consumers as a result of the outcomes. This measurable growth demonstrated the efficiency of Nexomos’ patiently developed initiatives.

Client Feedback

Bad Egg, who got benefits from Nexomos’ expertise, conveyed their happiness in a testimonial that captures the collaboration’s impact.

Working with Nexomos was a game-changer for us. Their strategic guidance and innovative approach not only fueled a successful launch but also powered our brand to new levels of success. The surge in followers and customers is evidence to the effectiveness of Nexomos’s tailored strategies. Their ongoing commitment to digital marketing and social media promotions keeps us in the spotlight, ensuring that our unique Korean Eggdrop sandwich continues to delight and captivate audiences.


This case study exemplifies Nexomos’ incredible journey in transforming Bad Egg from a culinary idea to an expanding global business with a significant market presence. Nexomos’ expertise, strategically deployed across Consulting, branding, design, digital development, and marketing, is at the core of this transformation.

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