Custom Website Design vs Template

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design vs Template – Your Own Websites and Templates:

Today we’re going to talk about custom website design vs templates that are best for you right now in your business, for the future. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of our own websites and templates.

  • Design.
  • Future growth.
  • Professionalism and support
  • ROI or return on investment.
  1. Design of Custom Website.

It’s amazing on your own Custom website design that is made for you. This means that the designer can take over your business goals, your goals when browsing people on the web, can talk to your ideal clients and to whom you are actually trying to sell, and can create your own experience only on your goals and only on what you are trying to do. , both visually and functionally. With templates, of course, you need to adapt your business to their form and fit a little into what you’re doing with a custom website design template that’s already there. The downside is that you don’t necessarily know the strategy, you don’t necessarily know the user experience, and you don’t know how people navigate the web, so you guess many times, “I think that’s how the web should be done,” but it’s not entirely clear. Of course, with your own design, you can really have fun, do something else, and really stand out visually. That’s a huge plus.

  1. Future growth Of Custom Website design.

With your own custom website design, a designer can consider how you will grow in the future, how you plan to grow in the future, what types of services you plan to add, and really, what your future goals will be. They can create a website to grow with you and for you. You are really building the foundation for the future. For example, if you’d like to add to the store later, you’d like to choose a platform that allows you to do e-commerce, and you might have suggested it initially, even when you’re not ready to start selling. They can design it so that it’s literally ready to go when you are. But whether you use a template or a Custom website design, I definitely suggest planning for the future if you can. But professionals just know how to do it a little better.

  1. Professionalism and support on custom website design.

When you are going with a template, whether it is a template from a company like Shopify or Square Space, you have some built-in support through it. But it’s a bit limited. It is usually based on functionality and not on actual design. They will not help you design your site. You are really alone when it comes to these things, and especially if you buy a template for WordPress or something similar and install it yourself, you really have no support. You do it all yourself, so guess what? YouTube will be your best friend, tutorials will be your best friend, and that’s perfectly fine if you’re the kind of do-it-yourselfer who likes to get a twist and come up with things himself and isn’t afraid of a little code. I would definitely recommend, if you’re doing DIY, to learn a little code so you know what’s going on. It’s like knowing what’s under the hood in case something breaks. While on the other hand with your own site, you will have either built-in support or ongoing support that you can purchase either from your web designer or from another professional. Professionals do a good job. They’ve made hundreds, if not thousands, of sites like yours, and they know what they’re doing, they know what works, and they know what doesn’t. You can really rely on their expertise in any questions about what should go to the page, how it should go to the page, how people walk and use the web, all these things go into it and they do it really, really great and professional.

  1. ROI, or return on investment on custom website design.

Obviously, the investment is much higher if you are trying to create your own Custom website design vs a website template. But sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Is it really cheaper? Because when you use pages with templates, their shelf life is much shorter. The average use of template pages is one and a half years. While the average use of your own website is anywhere from three to five years. When you think about how many templates how many updates you pay for and how much more support you need, sometimes it’s actually more expensive to go with a cheaper option, like buying a cheap pair of socks and still having to change them compared to buying expensive pairs and less. Often, sometimes it makes more sense to invest right at the beginning.


Custom website design are created with your goals and business goals in mind. They will probably make you more money faster, but they are designed to be machines for making money. Web designers know the strategy of visual sales through websites, while you probably just copy other websites or you could guess or really don’t know your business with a template, they don’t really know your customers and they just throw you away, you could get some sales, but it won’t be high targeted sales. With all that being said, I don’t always suggest people my own websites. There are definitely times when I think a template is fine for what you are looking for. If you’re just starting a business and don’t have a lot of money, templates can be a great way to get you started and be a little professional when you’re trying to grow your business and make money. In such cases, I would suggest a year or two after reinvesting and creating your own website. The last thing I want to note is that it is a much faster time to get a template site compared to your own site. Obviously, creating your own Custom website design will take some time and take longer to create, so template sites can get up much faster.